Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunglass SOS

Yesterday upon leaving work, I put on my trusty sunglasses that I keep in the car knowing they'll probably get a little banged up but are perfect for driving around town. Once on, I noticed the right lens seemed a little smudged, so at the next red light, I tried to clean them off repeatedly with no luck. After further inspection, I noticed the smudges were in fact about 8 tiny scratches and were certainly not coming off no matter how much I huffed and buffed.

This made me very sad as this particular pair of sunglasses is one of my favorite pairs of Oakley sunglasses ever owned and I had two choices:
  1. To continue wearing them and ignore the little smudge-like scratches
  2. To send them to the graveyard of sunglasses past (May they Rest in Peace)
As the depressing music began to sound in my head, it hit me... OPTION C! I can replace the lenses and still keep my favorite pair of sunglasses! There was no need for straining to see through the scratches or tossing them our with yesterday's dinner. HORRAY! My Oakleys would see the light of day again!

This may sound like a tall-tale, but I assure you, simply replacing the lenses is a great way to restore those old-faithfuls you keep lying around in your car or gym bag. Don't believe me? Check the lenses out for yourself!


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