Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do you wear your sunglasses at night?

Ever since popular rap/hip-hop and "new age" music videos have hit the television, a new trend of wearing sunglasses at night has reached an all-time high. No matter what style or shade, the trend has become acceptable at numerous events or just for going out for a night on the town, and depending on a person's crowd, wearing sunglasses into all hours of the night can either increase or decrease his or her "coolness" factor.

It is a little curious though as to who/what started this ever-so-popular trend... Could it be Stevie Wonder always wearing his shades while playing the piano? or possibly the bright lights that flash in clubs? or something else?

Please let us know your thoughts and most importantly... Do YOU wear your sunglasses at night?


Anonymous said...

Although I don't wear my sunglasses at night, I have been seeing a reoccurring trend out in clubs among other party areas. I'm not so sure as to why but it does seem to give a special aura to a person.

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