Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sunscreen For Your Eyes

Did you know that sunglasses are like sunscreen for your eyes? Cheaper sunglasses may mask the brightness of the sun but they don't in fact protect your eyes from the harmful UV Rays. When considering items to save or splurge on, sunglasses without a doubt fall into the splurge category. A good pair of sunglasses (saying you don't sit on them or run them over) can last you YEARS. Let's break this down mathematically...

Say you spend $40 on a cheap pair of sunglasses that only last you a couple of months, compounded over 20 years, that's $800 on glasses you would be spending on top of trips to the eye doctor for eye glasses/contact lenses as a result of the lack of UV protection.

However, say you spend $120 every four years on a good quality pair of sunglasses with optimal UV protection. That equates to about $600 over 20 years and you won't be needing to constantly be worrying about your vision fading as a result of direct radiation from the sun.

Given those two options, the choice is easy: SPLURGE and save your eyes! Don't forget! Unlike singlasses, we only get one pair for our entire lives.


Meredith Rauch said...

I'm all for spending a decent amount of money on my sunglasses. I have sensitive eyes, so I wear sunglasses even when it's raining. I don't lose things, so I'm not wasting money. And my favorite brand, Oliver Peoples, makes shades that are trendy, yet classic, so I know they won't go out of style. I've had my Olivers for nearly 2 years now... I always tell my friends I want to be buried in them!

Anonymous said...

I actually don't mind spending a little "too much" money for a pair of sunglasses. A lot of people tend to find it outrageous but as long as i'm protecting my eyes AND feel like I can be confident in my sunglasses, then i'm good to go!

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